My London #9, #10

#9. BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane
Thanks to programs like Children in Need, this was one of the first London buildings that I became aware of . It’s one of my all time favourites. An icon of my childhood – with its question mark shape, ‘atomic dot’ decoration and, of course, the Blue Peter garden. I was lucky enough to visit it several times thanks to generous housemates past; we frolicked around the corridors of BBC comedy, visited the Top of the Pops bar, and hung out backstage at Jools Holland recordings. It had a wonderful dusty smell. And a strange feeling as you walked about; a curious mix of creativity and bureaucracy, baked into its very foundations. The BBC recently sold the building to property developers, so it will be interesting to see if they keep much of its original character. Unfortunately the cranes and hoardings were already up by the time I got around to taking a photo.

my-london-photos-far-copy-001#10. Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd
After I’d finished university, I started interviewing for graduate jobs in London. But being short of a bob or two, I used to ride the Megabus into town. The bus would always crawl past the Natural History Museum on Cromwell Road, so I spent quite a bit of time craning my neck to look at it. It’s a wondrous structure of beautiful brick patterns and intricate window carvings. A cathedral for science. Inside, the main atrium is jaw-dropping. Bridges at either end draw the eye, and elongate the proportions. And at the top of the far staircase, a statue of Darwin sits proudly over a domain given up to rational thought and nature’s beauty.


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