2016 Review

Thoughts on 2016:
The Big Stuff:
A weird year for the world. I didn’t expect Brexit. But I predicted (and bet on) Trump. Both outcomes were awful. Had a brilliant first year of marriage. Our honeymoon in April was unforgettable (flight into LA, road-trip through Austin, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and NYC.) Since then, we’ve accepted an offer on our flat, and viewed lots of houses. We found somewhere nice, but had to pull out after the survey. So the search continues.
The Small Stuff:
Ordered too much Banana Tree from Deliveroo. Discovered the rejuvenating qualities of the Shoreditch Grind raw breakfast salad. Started committing to early Monday morning week-planning. Didn’t go to enough gigs. Had lots of nice weekends away. Dry November. Half dry January. Happy with life.


Quote of the year:

Books read: 32
Best three books:

Work emails sent: 1621
Personal emails sent: 590
Number of photos: 12992

Number of songs starred on Spotify: 129
Most listened to track: Winter 1 – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Recomposed by Max Richter
Series watched: Black Mirror, House of Cards, Chef’s Table, Better Call Saul, Narcos, Twenty Twelve, How I Met Your Mother, The Trip (Italy).
Album of the Year: Scott Matthews – Home Part 2
Film of the Year: Weiner

Pub Quizzes Partaken: 4
Pub Quizzes Won: 4 (a lucky year, with fantastic team mates)

Trips to the doctor: 2
Trips to the dentist: 2
Trips to the vet: 0

Museums visited: 35
Museums by month:

New Year’s Resolutions 2017:

Give blood. Practice knife skills. Dry Jan. Monthly tech sabbaths. 10 ideas a day. Buy house.

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