Country Pubs #1, #2, #3, #4

Country Pub #1
The Durham Ox, Shrewley

Drinks & Food: Saturday night dinner and drinks.
Country Folk: Raucous wedding drinkers.

Country Pub #2
The Warwickshire Lad, Wood End

Drinks & Food: San Miguel, sauvignon and chips.
Country Folk: Struggling app-orderers and dog lovers.

Country Pub #3
The Railway Inn, Dorridge

Drinks & Food: Friday night dinner: Steak, Burger, Beavertown and pinot.
Country Folk: Septuagenarian socials.

Country Pub #4
The Royal Exchange, Hartpury

Drinks & Food: Sunday lunch: Lamb and beef roasts, kids lasagne and fish and chips.
Country Folk: Local lunchers and heavy drinkers (including a drunk bloke with his knob out.)

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