Country Pubs #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14

Country Pub #4
The Royal Exchange, Hartpury

Drinks & Food: Sunday lunch with family.
Country Folk: Other families and the odd genital-exposing pissed local.

Country Pub #5
The Saxon Mill, Guy’s Cliffe

Drinks & Food: Starters and wine.
Country Folk: Rammed full with sunshine revellers.

Country Pub #6
The Malt Shovel, Barston

Drinks & Food: Date night dinner.
Country Folk: Local diners on a Saturday night.

Country Pub #7
The Bear, Berkswell

Drinks & Food: Kids tea before the rush.
Country Folk: Booked up from 5pm, but empty before that.

Country Pub #8
The Pointer, Brill
(No photo taken – oops)

Drinks & Food: Saturday lunch in the restaurant with kids.
Country Folk: Quiet apart from a few diners, and one old chap reading the paper.

Country Pub #9
The 8 Bells, Long Crendon
(No photo taken – oops)

Drinks & Food: Lunch with the family pre-house viewing
Country Folk: Empty inside, with a few in the beer garden.

Country Pub #10
Coach and Horses, Weatheroak

Drinks & Food: Cheese cob and cokes (on a hangover)
Country Folk: Proper spit and sawdust curiosity with locals to match.

Country Pub #11
The Bell, Langford

Drinks & Food: Best lunch I’ve had all year – St. John in the country.
Country Folk: Pretty empty inside, but outside were plenty of wealthy lunching retirees.

Country Pub #12
The Howard Arms, Ilmington

Drinks & Food: Non-alcoholic beer and sparkling water in the garden
Country Folk: Lucky lunchers in a beautiful pub

Country Pub #13
The Bulls Head, Earlswood

Drinks & Food: Wine, non-alc beer and chips
Country Folk: Terrace gossipers

Country Pub #14
Ye Olde Saracen’s Head, Balsall Common

Drinks & Food: Sunday lunch with family
Country Folk: Family frenzy with toddlers at every turn.

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