13th March – 19th March

Hello there!

Last week of term here, will be heading back to Cheltenham tomorrow for a couple of weeks…
1) Acoustic Attic – Unfortunately we’ve had our first act ‘Joshua Morgan’ drop out the 18th April charity event. Now looking to find a replacement act – if anyone you know wants to play the gig just email me a link to their myspace and we’ll go from there!
2) Istartedthefire – Sunday is the Istartedthefire band alldayer!! Should be a fantastic day – anyone that wants to pop down, doors open at 4pm. Should be pretty busy so best to head down asap if you want to get in! Midnight Mile will be playing fairly late I think…
3) Castlecake – Had a meeting with Venture Wales on Wednesday regarding the Castlecake start-up. I’ve got alot of work to do before the next meeting. Will keep you posted.
Secondly, the business cards arrived the other day! They really are sexy lil things!
Thirdly, we’re looking for some more talented people to join our creative team. Get in touch if you think that’s you (Just drop me an email at anthony@castlecake.co.uk)
4) Live Music Soc Battle of the Bands – Last night, we held our Battle of the Bands at Cardiff Union. A rather shocking result considering the popularity of Romantic rights but I think Whytel were the worthy winners. All acts were pretty tight and well rehearsed, although I must confessed I missed the Age at the heats, semis AND final! Attendance was roughly 250people – not as well as hoped but pretty sure we broke even. All’s well!
And finally: My Lovely Horse
In a bizzle xx

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