20th March – 26th March

Yo yo yo!

1) Acoustic Attic – I’ve found a great singer songwriter called Kadesha on myspace. I’m hoping she’ll agree to open our charity Acoustic Attic on April 18th! Check her music out here. Please keep messaging me if you fancy playing at the Acoustic Attic before summer – we’re still on the lookout for May artists.

2) Istartedthefire – The Istartedthefire band alldayer was a huge success! 12 bands playing throughout the day, and the Frog & Fiddle the fullest i’ve ever seen it! I was really pleased with how the Midnight Mile set played out – after an awful soundcheck, the gig went extremely well. As Miss Powell once said, ‘A bad soundcheck = Good gig.. or something like that… i think anyway.’

3) Castlecake – The new website is coming together nicely… It’s along the same vein as the old website, but will have richer content and some flashy animation…

Secondly, we’re still on the look-out for talented graphic &/or web &/or flash designers to join our creative team. Get in touch if you think that’s you (Just drop me an email at anthony@castlecake.co.uk)

4) Event Management – Anyone interested in gaining some event management work experience, drop me a line at anthony@castlecake.co.uk.

And finally: This TOTALLY reminds me of my gap yah. Click here.

Stay classy San Diego, xx

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